Pastoral Care

We are a Community that Cares for One Another!

pastoralcaresmThere is a natural bond of affection that runs deeply throughout this parish, and members of St. Peter’s reach out to one another with the care and support that people need in times of crisis, illness or grief. We care for one another, not just because this is how Christian community is supposed to function, but because we do, in fact, care for one another.

Our clergy and lay ministers subscribe to St. Paul’s exhortation to “Rejoice with those who rejoice and weep with those who weep.” Because we recognize that pastoral care is the loving response of the Body of Christ in all types of circumstances–some joyful and some sad.

Our clergy attempt to see every member who is in the hospital, but what really sets St. Peter’s apart is the way in which so many ministers within our congregation are prepared and organized to respond in times of need.

As Christians we are called to care for one another. Pastoral care at St. Peter’s involves clergy, trained lay ministers, and lay volunteers who are there to help in times of grief, trouble and illness. We minister to families of newborns, the sick, homebound, and persons who are experiencing a death in their family. St. Peter’s prides itself on the outpouring of support and love given to those in happy occasions as well as their darkest hours.

Click here to add a name to the Prayer Lists in our weekly bulletin. Unless specified differently names will be printed for 6 consecutive weeks. If you have any questions or you have a confidential request, please contact us directly.

casserolecommitteepicWe Say, "I love you" with Food!

Like many congregations, we say, "I love you" with food! As St. Peter's has grown, so has this ministry of providing food to individuals and families who are encountering an illness or other hardship that makes food preparation just one more worry. We have five teams of people who prepare and deliver meals to those who request this means of support.
We're a Team!

bethsylviaMeet Sylvia and Beth. They are partners on a team of faithful women and men of all ages who bring the Sacrament and the service of Holy Communion to those who are unable to attend worship at the church on Sunday mornings. Each week during worship the priest sends forth members of this Lay Eucharistic Visitation Team into the homes and hospital rooms of parishioners; sharing the Scripture lessons, the Sacramental gifts and the personal greetings of the congregation. When you can't come to Church, we'll bring the Church to you!
The purpose of this committee is to demonstrate caring for our parishioners in their time of need. We provide meals, phone calls, cards or transportation depending on the situation. Each contact that we make provides an opportunity to demonstrate the oneness within the Body of Christ and in the process changes lives. If you have a need or wish to volunteer, please contact the church office.
We Practice Spiritual Friendship!

candleOne of the ways we reach out to persons in need is through our participation in something known as Stephen's Ministry. This ministry is intended for persons who might benefit from a spiritual friend who can meet regularly with someone over time, and serve as a trusted confidant and companion on their journey. St. Peter's has a team of twelve ministers who offer this ministry within our congregation. These Stephen Ministers respond to requests from parishioners who may be going through a difficult time or a lengthy recovery or convalescence. Their role is not to dispense advice, but to simply serve as a capable and caring listener and companion. Essentially, their role is the pastoral equivalent of an acolyte in worship--they are responsible for bearing the light of Christ to shine through the darkness and provide illumination. Every spiritual friendship is completely confidential, known only to the minister, the leader of the guild and the person receiving the care. Click here to view an interview by Dr. Ortberg, pastor of Menlo Park Presbyterian Church, about personal and spiritual growth that he has seen happening through Stephen>
The birth or adoption of a new child is a joyful occasion. And pastoral care means rejoicing with those who rejoice just as much as it entails weeping with those who weep. We begin praying for our expectant mothers and fathers as soon as we learn of pregnancies and adoption processes. And this continues up through the special day in the lives of these families. As soon as practically possible, we offer public thanksgivings and blessings for these children and families during the course of our regular worship. We also respond in other ways to celebrate and assist with the inevitable adjustments when families welcome a new member into the household. Finally, we work with families who would like their children to receive the Sacrament of Holy Baptism to help them prepare for that next, special day when their child is full welcomed into the household of God as the newest members of Christ's Body, the Church.
Save your money, because you don't need to hire a wedding director if you plan to be married at St. Peter's. A faithful guild of volunteers assist the priest and the bride and groom with preparing for, and managing, the ceremonial aspects of the wedding day. Regardless of whether your wedding is a small, intimate gathering or a large celebration that fills every pew; we have all the expertise and experience you need to insure that your special day is just that. And, more importantly, you can focus on the vows and promises that are the most important part of that day, and let go of the distractions and anxieties that are not.
statueFamilies often experience unprecedented stress when there is a death. When this happens within the large 'family' of St. Peter's, our parish responds in several important ways that both honor the dignity of the person who has died and support the immediate needs of the surviving family members. Both clergy and lay ministers at St. Peter's become involved, and support families in the midst of their grief; and as they prepare to make choices about the funeral or memorial service. St. Peter's offers several locations on our campus for the burial or interment of ashes for those persons who have elected to be cremated. Our Book of Common Prayer helpfully guides us through the often difficult and demanding experience of losing someone we love, and we appropriately honor our grief in saying, 'goodbye'; and celebrate our hope in the resurrection through Jesus Christ.
We Offer Special Support for Children and Teens who are Grieving butterflyThe Buddy Club is a bereavement support group tailored for children and teens. The mission of this group is to provide opportunities for bereaved children and teens to meet other grieving children and teens in a non-threatening environment. Because children and teens express their feelings of grief in different ways, this group uses activities to show participants that it is okay to grieve and talk about how they feel. Meetings take place every 2nd and 4th Tuesday from 5:30-7:00 p.m. at the McCall Hospice House in Simpsonville. Children between the ages of 4 and 17 are welcomed, and the cost is free! St. Peter's is a long time supporter of this ministry, and hosts occasional gatherings in one of our gardens.
The Quilt Ministry is open to anyone in the parish who would like to help make lap size quilts for those who are ill, or struggling with a problem, or for a momentous celebration in ones' life. Father Furman determines the recipient for each quilt. We make the quilts by machine, every Wednesday, at the home of Betsy Cummings. You do not have to have any experience, just come, play with fabric and make new friends. Contact: Betsy Cummings