Upcoming Events

Laundry Love Volunteer Sign-Up
August 22, 2017
Please Sign-Up to help volunteer for this great ministry! Laundry Love takes place the 4th Tuesday of every month from 6:30- 8:30 p.m. at Pumpers Laundry at 339 S. Pleasantburg Dr. There is a sign-up sheet available in the lower narthex.

Welcome & Discovery Class
September 8 – 9, 2017
If you would like to understand more about worship, faith and service in the Anglican Tradition, the Episcopal Church, and at St. Peter’s in particular, please join us for this Welcome & Discovery Class. We begin with a dinner on Friday evening, and have a relaxed time of learning more about worship and sacraments, while also tracing the outlines of Christian faith as we have received it through the Bible and the Christian Tradition, with particular attention to the “lenses” through which Anglicans and Episcopalians see. The class resumes on Saturday morning with coffee and a light breakfast and concludes at lunch time. There is no obligation or commitment associated with this class. Fr. Furman will be teaching the class and all are welcome.

If you are interested please call or email the parish office: 268-7280 or parishadministrator@stpetersgreenvillesc.net. The RSVP deadline is Tuesday, September 5. Our goal and recent history includes having about twelve participants attending the class — some newcomers and some longer term members.

St. Peter’s/St. Giles United Ministries IHN – Sharing Hospitality with Homeless Families
August 20-26, 2017
Volunteers are once again needed to share hospitality with homeless families with children who are staying at St. Giles for a week. The dates are August 20-26. Below is the link for the Signup Genius so you can register online. Also, there will be people at the 8:30 and 10:30 services to help you sign up. http://www.signupgenius.com/go/409084ca5ae2fa3f94-united

Additionally, St. Peter’s will be providing the meal for Thursday, August 24. If you would like to help with the meal contact Jody Fails who is coordinating those logistics.

Bread Breakers
1st Saturday of each month – September – May

Do you like to meet new people and get to know better people you’ve met at church? Do you like to eat delicious dinners while socializing with small groups of people? If you do, please consider joining Bread Breakers, which is a social ministry of St. Peter’s.

On the first Saturday of each month from September through May, adults (couples and individuals) get together in groups ranging from 8 to 12 at volunteer hosts’ houses for a delicious meal. The hosts are responsible for the entrée and beverages. Side dishes are assigned to the rest of the group. It is a very casual dinner party and a great way to get to know fellow St. Peter’s parishioners better. It is also a great way for people new to St. Peter’s to assimilate quickly. The hosts are able to entertain without the responsibility to prepare a whole meal.

Labyrinth Ministry
First Sundays at 4 pm from October through June
“You gave me a wide place for my steps under me, and my feet did not slip.” Ps 18:36

Walking Prayer
Behind the altar of St. Peter’s church, we are blessed to have a labyrinth, a spiritual path. It is set in a sacred space. Walking to its center, the pilgrim or prayer walker, lets go of all thoughts and concerns. The center is a place to tell God- “Here I am Lord,” use me for your service. Walking back out the same path that one entered, one meditates on what service they can bring to the world.
A simple prayer.

Weather permitting, join us every first Sunday at 4 pm from October through June for a community walk or simply walk and pray any time the Spirit moves you or the world troubles you.

Iter Vitae (Life’s Journey) St. Peter’s Labyrinth Ministry

Are You Called to Become A Daughter of the King?
We are a group of Christian women striving to fulfill the promises of our Baptismal Covenant through the adoption of a Rule of Life:

• To continue in the Apostles’ teaching & fellowship, in the breaking of bread and in the prayers.
• To persevere in resisting evil, and when we fall into sin, repent and return to the Lord.
• To proclaim by word and example the Good News of God in Christ.
• To seek and serve Christ in all persons, loving your neighbor as yourself.
• To strive for justice and peace among all people and respect the dignity of every human being.

At Confirmation we promise to pray, work, and give for the spread of Christ’s Kingdom. Through membership in our Order women are:

• Strengthened through prayer.
• Helped to learn through study.
• Provided community with other Daughters.

We are a group of women living a Rule of Prayer and Service to our neighbors. We are women to whom parishioners can look for love and for help in time of need or loneliness. We seek to walk with God as our guide and try to draw those with whom we come in contact into the church. We are women who work to spread Christ’s Kingdom here on earth. We can never forget that prayer is the foundation from which our service grows.

“Prayer without work is empty words, Service without prayer is labor lost.”

We find The Order of the Daughters of the King to be a safe place in a busy world where we can be together and support each other in Christ’s love.
For more information or questions, contact Diane Moore or Beck Sullivan.

St. Peter’s Online School  
What does it take to be a Crazy Christian?
Do you want to know more about Scripture?
Would you enjoy learning the basics of how to Pray?

AND…did you know that we have an ONLINE Formation School? In fact, we have a remarkable resource at our fingertips here at St. Peter’s. This school will be used to prepare for Baptism. It will supplement and work in conjunction with our in-person Sunday morning offerings. This school will also feature special classes seasonally. We will often find ways to gather in person after these classes to reflect communally. Current offerings:

Classes are taught by notable clergy and great lay leaders in the Church. Many are taught by some of my seminary professors! Classes are self-paced, consisting of videos and reflection questions. Participants can post questions, thoughts, and ideas for other participants to engage with. It is easy to register and jump in! Current offerings:

How to Be a Crazy Christian – with the Rt. Rev. Michael Curry
Bishop Curry encourages us to break away, to be different, to embrace the crazy hope of the Gospel. If you seek to revitalize your faith, or to learn more about what it means to be a Christian, or if you’re simply weary of following your own way, this course is for you.

The Gospel of Mark – with the Rev. Dr. David Lose
With Advent, we will begin Year B of the Lectionary, and our Gospel readings will primarily come from the Gospel of Mark. This course explains why we have the gospels at all, and then answers four important questions: Who was Mark? To whom was Mark writing? What are the main themes in Mark? How should Mark be read?

An American Prayer Book, A Global Prayer Book – with the Very Rev. D. Tom Ferguson
If you’re new to the Episcopal Church, you may have wondered where we get this thing called The Book of Common Prayer. Whose book is it? Where does it get its name? What is “common prayer”? If you’re a lifelong Episcopalian, you may have asked the same questions, or you may simply have never thought about it much before. Whatever your background, the lessons that follow are bound to make you think. We’ll explore why the “the” matters in the book’s title; what “book” meant to the earliest Anglicans and what it means to us now; why we call our worship “common;” and what we teach and believe about prayer.

Start a Family Devotional Time – with Anne Kitch
Regular family prayer time can have a big impact on our children, and Anne has some great ideas as to how parents might develop and fine-tune their shared devotions. We will learn: Why a family devotional time is so important; How to begin and maintain a regular family devotion; How to pray and read the Bible with children; How to get over our fears of being in a religious leadership position.

REGISTRATION: To register for a class, please email Dorian (rev.dorian@gmail.com) with your class request. Dorian will send you a link to sign up and join the class. Once you are in the system, other offerings will be visible and available. These offerings will rotate.

EFM- Education for Ministry 
EFM is designed to address our call at Baptism and Confirmation to become ministers. God calls all of us to become ministers for the church. The EFM program purpose is to help Christian lay people prepare for this ministry by developing an understanding of their faith through the study of the Bible, church history, and theology in seminar group study. As opposed to an ordained ministry, EFM does not teach the skills of ordained ministry.
EFM will be starting our 4th year this September with our current EFM program. There are 6-12 participants in an EFM group. Currently, there are 8 participants in our program. We have seven – 4th year participants and one – 3rd year participant. The program runs on an academic year of 36 sessions. Typical study preparation time is 4-6 hours prior to the seminar. The seminars meet once a week for approximately 3 hours. There are a total of four years in the program but each participant commits to each year separately. It’s encouraged to have multiple years in each EFM group.

The seminars furnish the participants an opportunity to deepen their understanding of the written materials and develop skills of theological reflection. It is through theological reflection that participants can learn to examine their own beliefs and relationship to our culture and the tradition of our Christian faith.
The EFM program is administered by The University of the South (Sewanee). Study programs are supplied by Sewanee. The cost for registration and materials is $350.00. You may contact current mentors, Mary De Monterey or Ron Adams if interested. Also check out the official website www.sewanee.edu/EFM/. There are prospectuses for EFM on the website.