Welcome & Discovery Class



February 11 & 12, 2019

Sign-up for our next Welcome & Discovery Class if you would like to understand more about worship, faith and service in the Anglican Tradition; the Episcopal Church; and at St. Peter’s.

We will begin with dinner on Tuesday evening, and have a relaxed time of learning more about worship and sacraments, while also tracing the outlines of Christian faith as we have received it through the Bible and the Christian Tradition. Father Furman will give particular attention to the “lenses” through which Anglicans and Episcopalians see. The class resumes on Wednesday evening with coffee and fruit and cheese. There is no obligation or commitment associated with this class.  You may sign-up by calling the parish office at 268-7280 or by sending an email to parishadministrator@stpetersgreenvillesc.net.
Deadline: Sunday, February 9