Christian Formation for Children

 Learning the Stories

At St. Peter’s, our care for children begins early. We have dozens of adult volunteers who have completed Safe Church Training in order to provide the safest, most nurturing environment possible for all the children who attend or participate at St. Peter’s. Click here for the Nursery Volunteer Schedule.

For our older children Sunday School, attendance at the Eucharist and fellowship with other church member families are ways in which they are invited to begin their lifelong faith journey.

We provide two classes on Sunday morning for pre-school and elementary aged children. We also offer other opportunities for spiritual growth and development throughout the year such as special worship services and activities.

From June through August we also provide “Children’s Church” during the first part of the 10:30 a.m. service that is staffed by volunteers who lead children (preschool to third grade)  through simple, engaging activities until it is time for them to rejoin their families in church for communion.  We always need loving volunteers to help with this program.  Click here to volunteer to help!

Wonder Worship
Ages 3 through 2nd Grade

Wonder: 9:30 – 10:30 a.m. The children begin together in the classroom for music, prayer and storytelling done “Godly Play style”. wonder-worship-adventOur goals are to:

~  share Bible stories and encourage the children to enter into the stories and relate them to their personal experiences

~  teach children the art of using religious language and to help them become more fully aware of God’s presence in their lives while focusing on the spiritual development of each child as an individual.

~  create a safe space for children – a place where their ideas, opinions and gifts are deeply respected.

After the story, the storyteller and the children use “wondering questions” to reflect on the story together. The younger children are then invited to the Art Response room while the older children continue a “deeper wondering”. During art response, the child chooses whether to respond to the story with art materials or play. It is amazing to see how children express themselves through art and play and carry God’s stories into their own lives!

All children then gather together for a “feast”.

Worship: 10:30 – 11 a.m. The children then process to the chapel for a worship service. We follow the Rite II service, but in child friendly words and context. Children take on roles as acolytes, readers and intercessor. We join our families in “big church” at the time of the Peace so we can participate with the entire congregation for Holy Communion.

Faith & Friends
3rd – 5th Grade

img_0700Faith & Friends children attend class from 9:30 to 10:20, when they join their families for the entire 10:30 service. This class focuses on beliefs and behaviors, delving more deeply into the Bible and Prayer Book; learning how to use them and what key lessons, prayers, and creeds mean in modern words. They also review the cycle of the church calendar and meet the writers of the four Gospels and Paul. Children in this class can volunteer to serve as Torchbearers during the service.

The lessons in each class build upon those in earlier classes to provide a solid foundation made up of Christian, Biblical, and Episcopal Church teachings and traditions. The teachers and assistants in each class use age-appropriate methods and lessons, and place special emphasis on providing a safe, fun, and interactive experience. We involve the children with other ministries and life of the church as much as possible.

If you have any questions about a class or about Children’s Christian Formation in general, or would like to join the volunteer team that makes it possible, talk to Erin Ryan or Rev. Dorian Del Priore.

Special Events

Love Thy Neighbor was the theme for St. Peter’s Weekend ReNew children’s outreach program.  Children made arts & crafts, baked, made beautiful music and played lots of fun games all centered around spreading love to all our neighbors, both near and far away.

Advent Wreath Making

St. Nicholas Day

Good Friday Stations of the Cross for Families

Vacation Bible School – Camp Compassion

C3 – Camp Compassion Continued with Compassion, Community and Candy

On Sunday, October 29, the kids headed back to Camp Compassion for more fun!  Upon arrival the children heard another story, sang our camp songs, and played games.  Then the kids “trunk and treated” from car trunks of parishioners and played games.


Camp Compassion Continued – Lord, When Was It?

January 20, 2018 at 9:00 am – 12:00 pm in Stockstill Hall
Our focus this session will be on Matthew 25:31-40 in which we learn about how Jesus told us serving those in need was a meaningful way to serve Christ.  We will learn about those around us in need and what we can do to serve them.  Remember each session of Camp Compassion is a stand-alone event; your child did not have to attend the previous sessions to join us on January 20th.  While no registration is required, it would be helpful for planning purposes to let the church office or Jan Rhodes ( know if your child will be able to attend.  We hope to see you at Camp!!

Camp Compassion Continued

March 17, 2018 from 9 a.m. – Noon  in Stockstill Hall
We returned to Camp Compassion and learned more about how we can love like God.  We heard stories, played games, and made crafts.