An Invitation to Join us on a Special Journey

gettingstarted1Welcome to St. Peter’s Episcopal Church!

We are a vibrant, growing parish on the east side of Greenville, South Carolina. As a congregation known for showing gracious hospitality to visitors, we are glad that you are interested in learning more about us.

Whether you have worshipped with us once or twice, or you are one of the pioneers who helped establish this faith community in 1968; we are connected together as One Body of transformation, embracing all people through Christ’s love.

This is our mission statement, and it calls us together in a spirit of unity, with the expectation that the love of Christ transforms us and enables us to embrace and love our neighbors as ourselves. Throughout this web site, you will gain an idea of who we are and where we are headed in the near future.

On behalf of the people of St. Peter’s, we would like to extend an invitation for you to join us on this special journey of faith. You are welcomed here, to walk with us as we follow the One who calls us, just as he called Simon Peter to follow more than two thousand years ago!

God bless you.


gettingstartedpicSometimes it is difficult to know where to begin, especially if you are new to the Church, or unsure about your knowledge of the Bible or perhaps confused by the way that worship takes place in the Episcopal Church. The most important thing for you to know as you are getting started is that St. Peter’s Episcopal Church is the kind of place where newcomers are not judged by how well they are able to follow the Sunday service. Rather, this is a community that embraces newcomers wherever they are in their faith background, and that includes no faith background. All you have to do is show up. If you would like to meet the priest, just ask. If you would like some help—whether that means following the service or finding the restroom or figuring out how to get more involved here—you can ask with the assurance that we want to help you join us on this faith journey, that’s just who we are!
If you’re already a member of an Episcopal church, you can see the Rector about requesting a transfer of that membership to St. Peter’s. If you are a member of another denomination or you have no current church affiliation, the Rector or any other staff member will be happy to talk to you about the steps which would be appropriate for you. Regardless of your official membership, we hope you will immediately involve yourself and your family in the life of St. Peter’s. Just dive in; the paperwork will take care of itself.