Staff & Vestry

Our Staff
The Rev. Furman Buchanan
The Rev. Marie Cope
Associate Priest
The Rt. Rev. Andrew Waldo
Danielle Morrison
Parish Administrator
Julia Luciano
Office Assistant
Craig Peipo
Laura Lipscomb
Director of Youth Ministry
Cathy Church
Nursery Coordinator
Jan Rhodes
Coordinator of Children & Families Ministries
Our Vestry

The Vestry is the governing board of an Episcopal Church, They are lay men and women who are elected as parish trestles at the annual meeting. Their primary responsibilities are to manage the parish finances and buildings and to chose individuals within the parish to fill various positions of leadership. Vestry members also serve as liaisons to various parish ministries as shown below. To learn more about these ministries click here.

Click here to view Vestry Minutes and Highlights.

Wade Smith
Senior Warden (2019)
Tom Priddy
Junior Warden (2020)
Bobbie Goodman
Kyle Conger
Kyle Davis
Jason Cheek
Jim Parke
Mary Pauly
Al Mina
Emelyn Shabel
Ron Vines
Madison Powell
Bill Hartzell
Sara Powell
Youth Representative